Inspiring work – Pavel Slovak

Pavel Slovak has been quite an influence on many bonsai folk right across Europe, and also for many globally. Frequently he post progress and inspiring work on the IBC Forum. Recently he completed an interview on European Bonsai Forum Guest Speakers link.

I got to meet the man himself at the Burrs weekend held in Bury with Tony Tickle. He brought over some Yamadori for me, which I purchased for styling during the weekend. I will post a link to my weekend later.

Pavel has now setup a YouTube channel and posted a couple of his videos show great idea for 360 videos:
Pinus Mugo 2004 before restyling
Pinus Mugo – How to do 360

Looking forward to meeting him again at Burrs 2013!!!


More of his great work can be found on his website Bonsai Vigi

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