Repotting Acer

Sunday I was lucky enough to find an hour to repot my Acer. Having place it in a new pot 2 yrs ago, I wanted to check the roots for the new growing.

Previously there wasn’t enough grit and small particle substrait to induce finer roots. Roots would circle the pot and become quite thinkened. This time round upon removing the soils a mass of Fine roots were to be found.g


The pot was cleaned out and new mess tied in20130311-114538.jpgRestraining wires placed in.

20130311-114741.jpgto enable you to get double there is a small Loop placed just through the hole and a retaining snippet of wire place into it. 20130311-115410.jpgThis allows you to have 4 wires to encircle the tree for effective hold. One of these tie wires had a rubber grip placed over it to push down a root to create a better Nebari.
Snipped and ready to go in. I’ve kept as much as possible for development purposes.20130311-115132.jpg
20130311-115105.jpgSoil topped off and watered. With changeable weather, snow and frost, the tree is now in the shed for protection.

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1 Response to Repotting Acer

  1. Simon says:

    Top tip Bry for the anchorage wires. I will certainly be using that method in the future. Is it possible to have a picture of the whole tree?

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