My New Talent Entry 2012

The Wirral Club bonsai show hosted at Gordale Garden centre last year played host to the New Talent competition. Tony Tickle was asked to come down and be involved with the North West round. During that weekend I had planned to take in the show and catchup with a few familiar faces. Upon walking into the show I was welcomed with a handshake from Mikey P an Tony. Then the conversation turned to New Talent and how I should enter – “No pressure!”
I rang the wife and told her I would be a while and volunteered!! Why not…..
To be honest I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for!!
Selected my tree, listened to the rules etc and cracked in with 3hrs of Bonsai – Nice one!!
I thought about what style to do the tree and chose to create a tree that looked bigger than it was. I was also gutted I had nothing with me because Mikey had a 360deg tilt able turntable. I worked a treat for him, enabling him to create a great semi cascade tree.
As the time went, we chatted to visitors to the show and each other for the whole 3 hrs. I’d thought about it as the day progressed an couldn’t afford the time out to go to the next round which was to be held at Capel Manor. This was because my baby boy was due around that time. I wished Mikey P well onto the next round, and was very happy for him to claim a ‘winning’ design.
Above…. When working on the tree, it looked very different to what the photograph shows.
Afterwards, one of the chaos from the Wirral fell for the tree and offered up a purchase. Visiting the Swindon show I bumped into him and he is still delighted with it. For me, that was the best part of the whole experience.

Mikey P and Myself:


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