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VoCBS Woodfest North Wales Show

I was happy to be a part of the Vale of Clwyd Bonsai Society Show today A photo from the display…More to follow πŸ™‚ I took the camera along, and the photos are on the memory card…

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Scots Pine – Part 1

These are some Pics of my Scots Pine. This is a bit of its back story I’d like to share… Collected in France and brought over to the UK in November 2011 by Pavel Slovak. Purchased by myself for first … Continue reading

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Potentilla Flower

My Potentilla is about to flower πŸ™‚only two so far but I can definitely expect some more πŸ™‚

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Beautiful Oak colours

Oak are one of my favourite species to tree. Be it natural in the landscape or worked as Bonsai. The Colours are exceptional during its break out into leaf! This year doesn’t disappoint …

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Purple Beech – Slow to go

We have had some very strange weather over the last month. Today no exception – 4degC and hail stones!! Most trees have started to leaf but my purple beech is yet to move πŸ™‚

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Weekend Walk

Took my little baby boy for a walk in his pushchair up through a couple of villages Sunday afternoon. Taking in some sunshine and scenery. Whilst he had a little sleep I took a few photos πŸ™‚

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Common Juniper – Literati

4 years ago my Nana gave me a ‘Juniper Bonsai Tree’ as she called it. Is was chuffed to bits because I’d admired it in her back garden for year previous as I was being drawn into bonsai. This is … Continue reading

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When will it flower?

My hawthorn will flower this year but how long do I have to wait !!! Aaaarrrgggh

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Accent pots and display

We were lucky enough to have a guest speaker visit us at VoCBS. Andy Hardman from the Wirral Society gave an informative talk on accent plants and pot selection for use in a display. Soil mix, air water and nutrients. … Continue reading

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Beach Trip

Took a trip up the North Wales Coast to Barmouth. Took the kids on the beach an took a few photos before an almighty hail storm hit. We hit the sand running for cover… Being the families dedicated driver I … Continue reading

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