Impressive New Stand Maker in Portland-

These are just stunning!!!! 🙂

Michael Hagedorn

Austin Heitzman called me up last fall and immediately caught my attention with the question, ‘I’m a furniture maker in Portland, have some bonsai of my own, and I’d like to begin making bonsai stands; would it be ok to come by for a yard visit and talk about stands for bonsai?’ Heck yes!

Since then I’ve come to have a deep respect for the passion Austin has for wood and his award-winning furniture designs. Last week he dropped off a couple of small prototype stands—his first efforts—in my studio and I thought I’d share them with everyone. He tried a stone insert in the top of one, and used live-edge pieces on the sides to explore traditional bonsai stand design with a few dips into his own territory. He also brought one nice jita (slab/burl) with perfect thickness and finish. I thought the results of both were simply beautiful…

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