Candle Pruning – Incorrect Technique

Not that it’s been detrimental to the health of one of my trees. Being new to Pine candle and pines in general I set about proving to myself having read lots of conflicting information.

Early on in the season as the candles were growing I plucked all candles down to about 8 sets of needles. This is the effect.20130713-183944.jpgIt seems the tree has gone into over drive and created crazy swirls of buds.20130715-085206.jpgnext year I will be waiting for them to elongate and slightly mature/harden off before cutting back to 4-6 pairs on each bud. Weak buds 6-8 and a nip on the very smallest buds20130715-085427.jpg*note: all wire has now been removed from the tree

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