Big Juniper Project: ‘The Fish’: Part I

Fantastic work guys… Material … Spot on 😉

Michael Hagedorn

This post is the first in a series of daily photos of a juniper in progress. It’s about as close as I can come to “real time” blogging.

Bobby, my apprentice, and I have been taking our time with this Rocky Mountain Juniper, and enjoying the process of discovering the bonsai within the tree. I collected this tree in the Rockies several years ago. This year it’s showing long shoots, which indicate readiness for styling.

So far we’ve done a few things. We rebuilt the box, for one. The new inclination is about 75 degrees up, which required some rethinking or the soil would have fallen out. We also cleaned up the bark on the tree to distinguish it from the deadwood. And then we took out a lot of really old bark caught between areas of the deadwood jins. Getting rid of that takes quite a while.

At the…

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