Big Juniper Project: ‘The Fish’: Part II

It’s still looking like its gonna be a cracking tree 🙂
I like the way you’ve photographed it. As if not to give too much away!!

Michael Hagedorn

This post is the second about our work this week on a Rocky Mountain Juniper.

Today both Bobby and I smell like lime sulfur, which, to the uninitiated, smells strongly of rotten eggs. We had splatters of this solution all over us. Thankfully I have no plans tonight. I was worried about getting a good start with Bobby’s wife, and I’m not sure his arrival home tonight is going to help much. Which is sad as I was doing well; I was looking forward to Annie’s winter soups, but after today I might be rewarded with lukewarm gruel.

The day was spent completing our cleaning and detailing. Only a minor amount of carving was done, mostly touching up a few jins that had been lopped off with a saw. This tree actually had remarkably little to cut off; we’re using pretty much the whole tree. Bobby has had several warm-up…

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