Big Juniper Project: ‘The Fish’: Part III: Finis!

Yes yes yes….. A Grand Finis to ‘The Fish…

I’ve even re blogged your three day rig reason, that’s how much I’ve enjoyed your running Post!!!

Hopefully when it goes into a Bonsai Pot we can see a 360?? 😉
Thanks again… Bryan

Michael Hagedorn

This post is the third (and last!) of our three-day adventure with a Rocky Mountain Juniper. I’ve never done a day-to-day string of posts like this. Did you like it? If so I’ll try it again around the bend.

Well. Bobby and I don’t smell like rotten eggs today, thankfully. After today’s styling the juniper is as finished as it will be for about 8 months when it might be repotted if it’s done well and grown a bit. If it is slower than expected I might wait 1½ years before potting it up in a bonsai container.

The long shoots were retained on this tree to help it recover from the bends which are the most severe it will hopefully ever have to endure as a bonsai. Following this its life will get considerably easier. When I first started yoga my hamstrings hated me…somehow I equate the two. Bonsai…

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