Cheshire Workshop

Simon Jones contacted me through Facebook a couple of weekends ago to ask if I wanted to attend a workshop weekend. Only an hours drive away it was DEFINITLY worth the visit.
Shake of the hand a brew and a quick chat upon arrival. Simon invited me in for a walk around his garden. This invitation was made under the guise of “if you like how I do things, then you should have confidence in my instruction”.20130916-103341.jpgSome may see this tree at Next weekends Wirral Show!!

The trees on display are fantastic, 30yrs in Bonsai shows in the quality of his work. Hidden under the tent in the garden, thick coat and Woolley hat on I spent the day clipping, pruning and wiring my little juniper.20130916-103703.jpgWhat better backdrop to work on Bonsai.
Thankfully the weather held out up until our 3pm leaving time. Having messages Simon this morning about 30mins after we left he had to rescue the tent from his Neighbours garden :O

Here’s one of my trees after an hours wiring.20130916-103926.jpg
Some more trees from Simons collection:20130916-104008.jpg30yrs of care Pinus Sylvestris Beauvrenensis.20130916-104029.jpg20130916-104038.jpg20130916-104151.jpgStunning White Pine20130916-104203.jpg20130916-104244.jpg20130916-104251.jpg20130916-104300.jpg20130916-104305.jpg20130916-104310.jpg20130916-104316.jpg20130916-104322.jpg

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