Wirral Display – Part 1

As I published earlier I’d taken the opportunity to take my family to the Wirral Bonsai Show At Gordale’s garden centre.
Once again the club had put on another spectacular display. Lots of new trees to cast an eye over and bask in the atmosphere.20130921-190456.jpgSteve Tolley Making his judgement on best in show.
Some of the display trees:
20130921-195158.jpg20130921-195327.jpg20130921-195353.jpg20130921-195406.jpg20130921-195422.jpg20130921-195437.jpg20130921-195501.jpg20130921-195520.jpg20130921-195532.jpg20130921-195545.jpgMy daughter and I chose this as our favourite accent!20130921-195608.jpg20130921-195912.jpg20130921-195930.jpg20130921-195942.jpg20130921-195957.jpg20130921-200009.jpg

Just to Keep you hanging… Half now half later 😉

Hope you enjoyed my post!!!

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3 Responses to Wirral Display – Part 1

  1. Looks like a lot of great trees. I believe its a shimpaku juniper in the 5th photo. I love that little tree. My favorite of the bunch so far. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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