Hawthorn Photo

I thought I would photograph my Hawhorn prior to taking it to Burrs on the 9th Nov.20131017-172349.jpg20131017-172410.jpg20131017-172418.jpg20131017-172426.jpg20131017-172435.jpg20131017-172506.jpg

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4 Responses to Hawthorn Photo

  1. stonemonkey1968 says:

    Bry I like the last photo as the front and take out the top right section of the tree to make a smaller compact one. Hard to tell with pictures though as seeing it for real would give so many different options. Please pots photos of after BURRS and hope you have a great time, you cant fail not too up there.

    All the best


    • dangerousbry says:

      Cheers Andy

      Thanks for your comments. Ideas and thoughts from others have been thin on the ground so far. I’m hoping Will or Hans Van Meer may have options to share with me.
      I have studied the tree and as you say the top right section of the tree is bulky and there is a smaller tree in there somewhere!

  2. Brian says:

    Neat tree Bry, but you must clean the pot before you go. Ha
    Qualicum Brian

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