Last of the bunch for 2013

Heading into 2014… I wanted to post the last if a bunch of photos taken on recent walks with my little boy 😉20131228-094710.jpg20131228-094721.jpg20131228-094730.jpgShame these didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped!20131228-094741.jpg20131228-094749.jpg20131228-094850.jpg20131228-094901.jpg20131228-094918.jpgA drive up into no mans land… 10mins from my home!20131228-095011.jpg20131228-095019.jpg20131228-095028.jpg20131228-095036.jpg20131228-095043.jpg20131228-095223.jpg20131228-095231.jpgFamily visit, I took my bit for a walk up the lanes for his afternoon nap… Spotted these.20131228-095333.jpg20131228-095339.jpg
Hawthorn deadwood.20131228-095348.jpg20131228-095354.jpg
It’s been my first year of blogging my Bonsai and inspirations, I hope any followers have enjoyed what I’ve written/posted about and 7300 visitors can’t be bad!

I wish everyone the best for the New Year!!!!
See you 2014 😉

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