Swindon 2014

Here we have it… Swindon 2014.

Up early with the lark, well, the kids!! Snack Bag packed ready for my 3hr drive down to the Swindon Winter Image Show.20140224-084541.jpgfinally arriving around 10.45am I parked right next to Mike Joneswhom I bought a pot from via EBF. So that went straight into the boot. It actually took me 20min to get in to see any trees! With so many bonsai friends greeting me at the door šŸ˜‰ it’s surprising how many people recognise an avatar photograph šŸ˜‰20140224-085044.jpg20140224-085054.jpgThe quality of the display is very very high!! Traders all doing excellent business throughout the day!
I have to commend the council in their upgrade to the building. It felt very welcoming and the new light was a joy to work with in takin photographs. Folks are posting directly and not having to spend hours in Photoshop tweaking each pic.20140224-085328.jpg20140224-085338.jpg
I managed to purchase a small Japanese White Pine, a Dan Barton accent pot and a larger round pot from Dai-ichi.
A no win on the raffle saw my departure from the venue and my 3hr drive north!! Fantastic day thanks Swindon šŸ™‚

Here is a link to My 100+ Photographs

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