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The Monkey

Hi guys…. Just had word that Stone Monkey Ceramics have started my commission Pot. Looking amazing…. Can’t wait to see the finished result!!!!! Cheers Andy šŸ™‚ I’ll share more information and photos as I get them.

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Bonsai for Sale

Bonsai for Sale.

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Bonsai FOR SALE.

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2nd International Magical Bonsai Accents Exhibition

as posted on the Swindon Bonsai Blog. An abosolute must for accents and everything that accompanies Bonsai in exhibition. International Magical Bonsai Accents Exhibition

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One enormous tree – Video

If your not familiar with Graham Potters video series on YouTube… You should be!!!! Check out one the first videos hosted in the long line he’s posted! Follow the link to a Huge Trunk – carving project You wouldn’t believe … Continue reading

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VoCBS July Meeting

We had the pleasure of having Simon Jones from Cheshire Bonsai to do a talk for us on Shohin Bonsai. The discussion went through feeding to display. Different species and general bonsai banter. It was a great night… Here are … Continue reading

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My humble setup

These are photos of my humble setup. Bench and plinths for some smaller trees. Interrupted by the play shed. The plays shed serves as welcomed shade to some of the deciduous tree pots, during hot days.

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Quiet time

Hi All Sorry for the quiet lull. I’ve been extremely busy, with home life and work etc. I’ve been scouring the internet looking for inspiration. Forums and blogs… Twitter and Google+ I think to get the Bonsai blood racing you … Continue reading

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Questions to Ryan Neil

Originally posted on Satori Bonsai Studios:
A great article! Very grateful to Willem for sharing this post! great questions and answers! Willem Pretorius posed some questions to Ryan Neil Posted on Friday, 27 June 2014 1) You could not visit…

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Mr Warren’s New Book

Originally posted on Bonsai Eejit:
Peter Warren’s new book has hit the shelves of book stores, well, probably more accessible via Amazon’s virtual book store, but you get my meaning. Mr Snart of Willowbog fame has displayed his copy nicely…

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