As the memory Fades – Noelanders Trophy

As the memory fades, here are the rest of the photos that I took during my visit to the Noelanders Trophy.

I think I was mesmerised by the scale of the show to detail anything else. Better luck next time πŸ™‚

My Photobucket Folder

 photo 6DB97FB1-1226-44CC-BFA7-53AF58EF1ED0.jpg

 photo B969B6B3-49F0-4C01-9E3D-AE024E57C86E.jpg
 photo 10F1578D-5A70-4D28-B684-50EDF8FB5CE9.jpg

 photo 032D8DF9-A323-4804-B00E-290F15E8611D.jpg

 photo 23458712-D1EC-418D-B7E0-C450F3493507.jpg

 photo 84490221-6703-4D1C-AFCC-007F71D3C8EA.jpg

 photo 0560E4E1-F790-42EF-9ADB-03131BC69F2A.jpg

 photo BC8CD70F-BA8E-4470-9D4C-38A43A76C0E5.jpg

 photo AE77C03C-BBAF-4E69-9D96-2C3F911DF6EA.jpg

 photo 78C0B1BD-9A90-46BB-A458-EE1CC0ECB0B4.jpg

 photo 938008AE-4174-4942-B507-B0D8F4AA3106.jpg

 photo D280DFC5-2A07-4A1F-8E77-BE1C5697E274.jpg

 photo 28E32CE9-E92F-4FE0-A7FA-E03FBB57D17D.jpg

 photo 81F1D201-84C8-4A4D-97B1-5C62056EC422.jpg

Friday night setup
 photo EF3AB080-B630-4C31-80E2-77E882115B5D.jpg

 photo F1A663FB-8130-4392-8F7C-3AF36EED6B05.jpg

 photo FF0D3AE6-79FC-439D-A862-2A68761744ED.jpg

 photo A467F2D9-079E-41B9-AE18-EC2BCF03AC38.jpg

 photo CC89588A-B440-46A1-88AA-394BFD1EC566.jpg

This tree still has snow on it πŸ™‚
 photo 45037432-0C3E-4C92-8750-36E6F4FEA123.jpg

 photo 489DCC15-0B7D-4709-ABA0-5EAAB9FD13D1.jpg

 photo 64FF5429-7DAC-4C62-9687-2FCCE7FF5841.jpg

 photo A2968D29-556D-4F9D-B94D-AAE89BDBED31.jpg

Pylons over the Flanders Fields
 photo CAE687ED-CBBD-408F-AF8E-78F7C3CF1C6F.jpg

Time to go home 😦
 photo 5C8C0832-EB18-46ED-8489-1FB69F2707B4.jpg
 photo C643FB83-464D-43F5-A6D0-726F6D3DFF70.jpg

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