Photography – again

We’ve been away for a long weekend in the caravan again. The Welsh countryside is just so inspiring. From the coastal windswept oak trees to the deadwood on the beach. I managed to have the camera out a few times. Even taking an evening strole to capture a few moments. Hope you like my photographs.

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 photo 67C3D565-B28B-4BFC-AEE6-63ABA934A46A.jpg
 photo 27281CF9-DC49-4249-9E9A-4A3701A84C73.jpg
 photo 85D3A682-41ED-4EB8-BE81-0D3C0A1572CB.jpg
 photo 581B7A1F-32E8-4296-A8F3-37C2631A5FED.jpg
 photo 6EB3CC82-FBB4-4AD2-B735-81F4A3FEB61B.jpg
 photo 0D76EF98-53EA-490C-8300-8EB6328A9C9F.jpg
 photo E0A7E34A-8D55-41AE-935A-31857073F65F.jpg
 photo 4F8A8F3E-DDAF-4F86-919A-2F23CE418427.jpg
 photo ED05A7FD-92C3-4B75-80BF-760257715AE1.jpg
 photo 5267A81D-A9C9-4585-AE3B-22BC60546C34.jpg
 photo 64152267-DFC6-46C3-9C1F-E15492C172DE.jpg
 photo 4877AA48-38F4-4E62-B327-A58EF8BB7864.jpg
 photo 9F8846EE-9601-4407-849B-18DD7D3F6570.jpg
 photo 8CC35D6E-F504-407A-BA2F-77E982AB9D83.jpg

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