Terry Foster took time out to tell me about his Tree and the thoughts behind the display. 
 photo 196E7FC0-758E-4CC7-A9CB-546B27D4E6F2.jpg

Each element complimenting each other.

The Golden ribbon the long ray’s of autumn sunshine. The Stone Show accent, carefully placed allowed you to guide your eye to match the shadow to the stone then draw your eye up for the best viewing front of the tree. Perfectly balanced towards the left of the slender wooden stand… Hanging over the edge.
 photo 30101081-8077-4B01-934A-A2262FD81BE3.jpg

The perfectly timed, freshly opened conker from a local horse chestnut tree finishing the 3 point display.
 photo 6079127E-1F1C-4257-A2E4-E321BF64AC10.jpg

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