My Bonsai Europa Moments – 2

The Special Branch team were up early Saturday morning ready for the day ahead. At the venue by 8.30 each were given a T-Shirt and a cap for identity. Split up into teams. The run up to doors open was manic with a few extra things to finish off… all exciting though!

More of the trees at Bonsai Europa…
 photo E0A9AF24-B594-4F87-87EB-5ED61E2A4B4E.jpg
 photo 80D686CD-53EC-4B7E-86FF-CFF8EB0BDD3C.jpg
 photo BA38C44B-FA55-461B-8CAF-56BE83271062.jpg
 photo E52542A1-1125-4E63-BF2F-1A6A16A2D006.jpg
 photo 53CEC054-7A15-4F29-BD85-8797366080D9.jpg
 photo C17E0322-77BA-49A1-921F-98820EBC2FF5.jpg
 photo BD4EA13B-349C-4BE7-B4A0-DEBAD3E086CD.jpg
 photo 49C4A8DF-F005-40C3-82B8-2F7C12D8BF6E.jpg
 photo 7DF4787A-C71B-4EBD-AA73-2026A4525FB4.jpg
 photo 42A0228A-94E0-4893-A5C6-98604DEDFB7B.jpg
 photo 05D3CCDD-C775-45A9-9DA7-2542983F7C3A.jpg
 photo 16D7B5F1-FE96-4148-A567-808A2B915626.jpg
 photo AF565FF5-F580-4A6A-BF75-9C8630CC85A8.jpg
 photo 35AD0891-4610-4CB9-9C23-49893A81A132.jpg
 photo 7D9C12C5-60DB-487B-9BC0-46534FAB68A9.jpg
 photo 029EE36E-F449-467B-BD87-904A18B0700A.jpg
 photo 6C919781-A5E0-4B65-905E-FD38772BFF72.jpg
 photo 1F08016C-BFA0-4038-A47F-074FBA49D346.jpg
 photo 7443513A-4EFE-4BBE-B490-66856DA02D72.jpg
 photo 3CEF0663-701A-439F-A898-14F96A9C36DD.jpg

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