Oak at the Gate of the Dead

Finally managed to stop off on the way past these amazing Oak trees at the Gate of the Dead… Nestled amongst the trees in the Ceiriog Valley.I’ve attached the photos of the descriptive posters.

The power and senses surrounding these trees is quite something. Shame I was in my work gear šŸ˜‰

 photo DFBC608C-9DA1-48F5-9BB5-1B10ADBEA065.jpg

 photo E4D6C924-06C1-4407-A0F9-38D3BBAB9FFC.jpg

 photo 47C4B741-4626-4CD7-A2C1-CA5F92809FA4.jpg

The descriptive posters:

 photo 830935B5-AD29-455A-9FBB-6AD7EBD6A175.jpg

 photo 1DBD879A-20B3-42F6-BCB1-507886CEF88B.jpg

 photo 872FB3C3-D5E6-4734-83C2-65D767DA24AC.jpg

The Second tree, which is very camouflaged against its backdrop with vines growing up adding to this huge tree:

 photo 8758A82E-C735-4B0B-BED0-BEDFE813AB8E.jpg

 photo D8ECFE67-9D0C-49EB-A567-2495094025C4_1.jpg

 photo 65C298D9-8E0B-424B-AFC5-81E091090D3D.jpg

Some of the amazing patterns on fallen branches:

 photo 7F317F92-0335-4BE7-803E-2AB2D9C1F5D9.jpg

 photo 2D941B79-64EA-472F-B204-D793D1D6B84F.jpg

 photo 2305F40C-3700-4DA6-90FA-5EEB7691854A.jpg

 photo 9D08FAA8-3684-4672-8555-E52466961DDD.jpg

 photo C242E673-26FE-426B-992C-140F690E12DA.jpg

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