Bonsai Garden Visit

Happy Easter everyone!!!

The following gallery if from a garden visit I made to my good friend Nick Roberts. Always a treat to visit his many trees and catch up, over a brew!

Many of these trees have been worked on over 25yrs. Enjoy the photographs and your weekends full of Chocolate 👍🏻😎

 photo B004FDD0-F319-4E21-82C4-064A3D08AA32.jpg
 photo 9D7B19A2-8F52-48DC-B6D8-0D57FE966842.jpg
 photo C80C82E7-16C5-4541-AFE7-8DB232AD958F.jpg
 photo DC49E4DC-9F6E-49BF-8DA5-294CADFEE8AE.jpg
 photo D43BF2A6-5F78-4B27-B090-60F0CCBD021F.jpg
 photo D22E6285-5C4B-4E8F-9637-E7DED440474D.jpg
 photo D59D2F5E-1844-4247-9741-AADD759112C4.jpg
 photo 82DE8EAD-6462-4BEA-BEAA-CD7892FD53F5.jpg
 photo C050C59A-B413-446F-B908-19F268970557.jpg
 photo AC42816C-2632-4D10-A431-8C0474A2C3F4.jpg
 photo E658555C-E1B1-4077-A845-9158B23F2BE6.jpg
 photo 5CAA8451-C8B8-4299-BC81-DDAFE8C417CA.jpg
 photo 23360A42-22DD-43C8-BAA8-4988CF01629E.jpg
 photo 4A58598E-B55C-4B1A-89E1-CA1E80349CC9.jpg
 photo 3B39329A-95BB-4E84-8BE2-694A6A9BE052.jpg
 photo A26891A1-74B8-43A9-AC0E-97D558A36331.jpg
 photo 9957BE22-1D3A-4BD5-9257-BCCF722E14D1.jpg
 photo 3AD0C919-DA54-401D-9B2D-0C1320663179.jpg

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