Elm – Airlayer

I was kindly given this Elm by Chris Royal. The base of which did nothing for me. So after some consultation with Will Baddeley at a recent VOCBS meeting I decided to attack it with an Airlayer before too many buds opened. Here’s he results. Fingers crossed a few months time I might be able to remove the main root.
 photo 7865352B-A36D-43EC-AA09-08C76BCC1727.jpg
 photo 8D012808-1732-41D1-9F3D-94BCD42B0997.jpg
 photo 7F517657-5F74-4B1D-A09D-CD59FC138AFB.jpg
 photo FF3256F5-82D3-484D-BC39-EA5BF3D5E206.jpg
 photo 5001F95A-CF8C-4391-98E1-FFA90DFB7C6A.jpg
 photo EB408946-DF9C-4925-B423-ECEB5032EDC3.jpg
 photo 1B576567-8F71-4E8E-8B62-557595F38FD6.jpg

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