Loss is Hard to Take

With World Bonsai Day I celebrated the life of my tree…

As I’ve hidden this tree away from the Internet for a while and folk keep asking me how’s the Hawthorn. I thought I’d better post an update.

Sadly the tree has not been well at all… It tried to spring into leaf in mid December 2015. Of course the cold weather took what it had left. Three weeks ago I found one solitary bud which must have been taken off during the hail storms of recent weeks.

Having chatted to friends I decided to cut back the dead wood to see how far the issues were on the tree.
Before Cutting Back:
 photo 155813F8-0B54-4A51-81F6-1CBD170808B1.jpg
 photo 4FC94133-BDED-41EB-9E84-C32A018539CE.jpg
It became apparent the issues were as serious as i thought:
 photo F282173B-1FFC-453D-A605-69FDC720AB35.jpg
 photo 5678B97B-3AB0-452A-B544-D69794CF9A1F.jpg
The more i cut back the more i got upset.
i decided to stick a couple of holes in the top and middle of the trunk to see what was going on:
 photo 00C96EFC-1A77-4E6C-919D-F7622D6EC9CA.jpg
 photo 1A1BDDF9-1C37-4462-A461-802BE41EA171.jpg
I’m affraid my tree must sadly have died 😭
So gutted as this was my first Major Tree…

It’s had the best of care and nothing has happened with any of my other trees. So it must have been a systemic bug or disease of some description.

Words fail me…. 😳

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12 Responses to Loss is Hard to Take

  1. Sorry about the tree πŸ˜•. I’ve been there as well.

  2. Sad news. I have lost 2 but not as good as your.

  3. bryttanybonsai says:

    Hindsight is a wonderful think but would have the black plastic bag trick have helped if noticed sooner? Anyway sorry to readπŸ˜‘

  4. Such a nice tree to lose,this game is hard sometimes

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