Birch Raft

The birch raft is growing well this year. I do feel though that it should be in a bigger pot…

Any suggestions?? 🤔
 photo 070372E9-C089-465A-B1D2-FC41638FDA90.jpg
Some of the inner leaves yellow a little. this could be down to poor light due to the density of foliage. i have never suffered from Loss of branches or Die back!
 photo C4A4E0E9-7914-43B3-B80A-542BBDCC4420.jpg
 photo 56521223-3154-4E42-BF43-03F6EFE53DBD.jpg
 photo 86902CCA-BBF4-49B5-ADA0-D8C717D819D6.jpg

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3 Responses to Birch Raft

  1. bryttanybonsai says:

    You are right about the pot which may also be the problem……a little dry at times?

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