UK Japanese Themed Gardens 2

The UK plays host to a few Japanese themed gardens. My post today is based on a garden that inspires and has been noted as one of the UK’s top Japanese gardens.

Tatton Park – Japanese Garden

The garden was the vision of the owner Alan De Tatton after a visit to a London exhibition 1910. So inspired he decided to build his own at the stately home. Given more authenticity than most he had arranged a team of Japanese workmen to bring the garden to life. In the Tea Garden style all the important elements of plants, stones and plants are beautifully arranged. Lanterns reportedly brought over from Japan especially for the Arden highlight the many elements and views. Definitely a garden that can be enjoyed throughout the year, from spring and autumn colours to May Azalea and Rhododendron flowers. A guided your is also possible of the garden, i’m yet to get there to enjoy the tour on time, having visited with my young family, but please check the Website for further detail.
Tatton Parkis part of the National Trust Properties. Being a National Trust member allows you to visit this site for free anytime of the year during its opening times.












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