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Larch – second flush

Having trimmed my larch on the 19th June Post it’s now entered its second flush. Which itself is in need of a trim.The trunk base. A little bit of inverse taper but I’m sure I’ll be able to sort that … Continue reading

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Scots Pine – Candle Pruning

I took my new Scissors to my Scots pine. Candle pruning… Being a collected tree from France it shows a greater difference in its foliage and maturity than my Welsh collected pines. in comparison, this is the tree 2years ago … Continue reading

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Junipers benefits

Having trimmed back my little juniper the other week (Juniper Gets It) its bouncing back with a wealth of new green šŸ™‚

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Bjornvala DVD Promo

Bornvala Studios DVD Fujikawa Kouka-En vol1 2013 is now available online. Follow the PayPal link on their website for more information. This above link to the video promo will also highlight further information Screenshot from the YouTube video. ENJOY !!!

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Air Layer removal

My first attempt at air layering seems to have finally worked. I check the bag and the moss looked rather dry.deciding to remove the AirLayer I potted my new little tree up into an available pot.Once again, the camera on … Continue reading

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Suprise awakening

I was awoken at 6.20am to a huge clap of thunder and a 30mins bout of torrential rain. We’re back to good old Welsh weather… Grey skies and a thin mist… Our trees can rest a little from the intense … Continue reading

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New bonsai stands and garden

Stunning photos…

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Me and my Girl

Having looked out of the window over the last couple if days at my literati juniper I decided to pinch some of the foliage. It’s not an amazing tree and very much in development, so I decided to encourage my … Continue reading

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The temperatures soar, plants and trees beg for a drink… Droplets of water on the leaves can only be human intervention at this time šŸ˜‰

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Candle Pruning – Incorrect Technique

Not that it’s been detrimental to the health of one of my trees. Being new to Pine candle and pines in general I set about proving to myself having read lots of conflicting information. Early on in the season as … Continue reading

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