Trees For Sale

Trees for Sale

Bonsai tree sale baldcypress larch crabapple Nebari trunk

Alan D is selling the last of his trees. Here are some photographs. He has three for sale.
1 A Larch with outstanding Nebari
 photo 6D47B2F5-0C8B-4429-93BD-5CF68B2297A4.jpg photo 359F4E50-7416-4D27-A404-A2566D265C09.jpg

2 A Crab Apple Show quality trunk but needs branches developing
 photo A4D42485-3BEE-4509-86C8-038721990A14.jpg

3 Swamp Cypress has potential
 photo 59644E39-076F-4E68-89A2-C472F16F6A32.jpg

If you are interested Please Contact him directly on 01745 853733 (Rhyl/Prestatyn area)

He is looking in the £300 – £400 area for each of these trees but will obviously consider offers

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